Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peace - Pottery Barn Knock off

I fell in love with a sign I saw at the Pottery Barn earlier this year - a simple red and white sign that said PEACE.

I knew I could make that sign  - easy peasy with my Silhouette and vinyl.  So for a couple of months I have been planning this.  I had red paint, white paint a board and vinyl.  All I needed was the time!

I first used acrylic paint in red to paint my board.  Then  I cut my letters on in vinyl and placed on my board.  Next came my home-made crackle paint -

I took elmers glue and thinned it with water so it as about 3 parts glue to 1 part water,  Painted the board (over the red) and one the glue set for about 2 minutes I painted with a coating of the white acrylic paint.  I let it dry for about a half hour and it was fun to watch the paint "crackle"" as it dried.

Next remove the vinyl letters (when the paint is dry of course!  Next I used my sander to rough to board up a bit - here is the complete project:

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