Monday, January 14, 2013

26 Days to Vacation - I am on a countdown!

I love travel and vacations...who doesn't!  This year we are bless to be able to go for not 1 but 2 weeks to my favorite island in the world...St. Maarten!  Oh yes God is good!

Here is where we will be staying:

Oyster Bay Beach Resort on Dawn Beach.  It's in a little town called Oyster Pond and it sits right on the international boarder between Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin.  How can such a small island be 2 countries?  But it works just fine and we get the best of both where our resort is located!

Before we leave however we have the wedding of our oldest son - 12 days from now.  There is much to do so I will not be able to focus on our vacation until after the big event!  Then I will try to pack for 2 weeks and keep my luggage limited to 50Lbs - any suggestions?  Have a great week friends!

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